¡Hola! I am Juan Soriano Blanco, an industrial designer based in Madrid.

I consider myself as much a designer as a craftsman.

I care for the human touch that rises from detailed manual work, based on quality materials and experience. As a designer, on the other hand, I question the essence, standards, and traits of everything I do. This mindset has led me to come up with disruptive concepts that never compromise in function and long-lasting value. Finally, as a human, I look to inspire a more accessible, joyful, beautiful, and overall better-designed world.

I’m a cross-disciplined professional able to work in a diverse range of businesses like product design, architecture or advertising. In the past, I’ve designed products, furniture, spaces, and installations, among others.

I do my best work as a designer, but I’m also passionate about research, art direction, and communication.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with several respected studios and professionals, such as Lavernia-Cienfuegos, Sander Mulder, Marco Romanelli, Claudio Bellini, Studio Banana, Espadaysantacruz, and Mormedi.

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