Sensible Showcase






By Espadaysantacruz / For Zara


Art direction / Concept

Fashion trends not only change from one season to another, but from morning to night, from a sunny day to a cloudy one, from Saturday morning to Saturday night. Our way of dressing responds to the weather, the work calendar or the most important events in the city. However, the showcase proposals do not adapt in real time to what happens in the environment. And if we provide the showcase with the sensitivity to adapt to its environment? In this project we have created the first reactive showcase, sensitive to its surroundings and capable of adapting to the rhythm of city life.

The entire system is controlled by a custom software, that unifies the choreographies of the robots with the content of the screens, the sound and the lights. For the installation we use UR5 units of Universal robots. The rendering of content is done in real time, both in 2D and 3D, in such a way that the position and speed of the robots influence the content. Our software allows multiple robot programming modes in both direct and reverse kinematics, from the simplest mode through keyframes to the real-time interactive mode using sensors.